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Planting seeds of faith

Everything is possible!

When people ask me about the future of Impacto, and I start to tell them what I dream and see, often those who listen to me say something like this: you have a very big vision. I don't usually realize how big my vision is or how difficult or big my dreams can be. And I think that way of seeing things has come from what I saw and learned from my mom and dad.

I want to tell you about the things that happened in my house. My mother made our life revolve around the activities of the church. She studied to be a secretary at the Colegio Palmore, in the City of Chihuahua, but she always dedicated herself to the home. She made her job as mother of 6 daughters and 3 sons as her first profession. On the other hand, my dad, his role was to work and stay busy with his business. He was an artist, a painter who did portraits, advertising, houses and everything that needed painting (I don't remember a day when my dad accompanied us to church).

But even though my mom and dad's worlds were seemingly separate, I think they were united by an ongoing desire to help others. On the one hand, my mother cared for, fed, and dressed whoever knocked on the door of the house. Despite the fact that my mom never went to others’ houses or made visits, word spread in the neighborhood that my mom was generous and always available to give whatever was in her hands, from advice, a plate of food or a prayer.

But my mom was the ally in my dad's dreams. Normally my dad's ideas revolved around larger spaces, like organizing a week for the inmates of the city (he created a week where they would visit them and bring help and food to those reclused at the prisons). My mom provided the connections with the churches, and she helped prepare the food and whatever she needed to celebrate with the inmates that week.

Another of my father's ideas was to organize children's day festivals, gathering sports stadiums and many sponsors for such events. My mom, allied in his ideas, took care of the details and whatever my dad needed. Other ideas and celebrations included: Mother's Day, Christmas, or recognition of athletes and any kind of help that the community might need.

Something that remains as a footprint in my heart was the faith of my parents. In some way, they risked themselves doing things to help others. God allowed me to see how they put their resources and how God was faithful to multiply them.

I remember one night when I was a child, while everyone was in bed that suddenly my sister, who was listening to the radio before going to sleep, jumped up and ran to my parents' bedroom. "Mom, the train derailed, and the passengers have to stay at the station. They are cold and hungry," my sister said. My mom got us all up, and we went to the station with tortillas, coffee and hot sauce, and extra blankets and clothes that she had. That night, we fed the passengers of that train,

and I learned that God is the one who multiplies, who uses resources, and that what you have in your hands is enough when you let God use it.

The seeds of faith were sown in my heart ever since I was a child, the adventurous and generous actions of my parents taught me to trust in God and to live a life of faith.

I imagine my parents were never aware of how their actions, generosity and faith they modeled for me would influence my life and ministry.

What seeds were sown in your heart in your childhood?

How are you today influencing the faith of those around you?

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